Peace TV lands in trouble with Ofcom


Islamic channel, Peace TV, has landed in trouble with Ofcom after it aired controversial lectures entitled “How to build a righteous family”.

In his opinion, the speaker gave what the rights are of husbands and wives, in the context of creating a righteous family from an Islamic viewpoint. For example, the speaker said:

“If we have righteous families, we gonna have a righteous society; especially you my brother and sister, who living in non-Islamic country.”

In the same episode of ‘Islam In Focus’, the show suggested that it would be permissible for husbands to beat their wives.

In response, Peace TV said that the speaker in this programme was setting out how to build a “Righteous Family”, which according to the speaker would lead to a “Good Society” and by extension a “Peaceful World.” In doing so, according to the broadcaster, the speaker outlined ���the relationship between husband and wife and in particular the rights of one upon the other using Islamic teachings, and the consequence of divorce of not knowing each other�۪s rights.”

Ofcom noted Peace TV�۪s comments that it would not have been possible for the Lecture to have shown how to build a “Righteous Family” (and by extension a “Righteous Society” and a “Peaceful World”) if it had included material that condoned or glamorised violent, dangerous or seriously antisocial behaviour.

However, Ofcom considered that the stated subject matter and aim of the Lecture did not obviate the fact that in this case the speaker was unambiguously advocating a form of violent behaviour i.e. domestic violence.

In addition, Ofcom considered that the advice on beating wives within the Lecture was delivered in a serious and measured manner by the speaker; and on a channel specialising in dispensing Islamic spiritual advice. There was therefore a strong likelihood that such advice could be construed as likely to encourage others to copy such behaviour.

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