Payal Dev: “It was a new experience coming into a new city & trying our luck…”


Payal Dev is a singer and composer who has been making waves recently. Having worked with many well-known names, her latest offering is from the forthcoming ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’, which stars Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey. caught up with the soulful singer and talented composer.

LOL from ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’, your latest track, is a fun and mischievous song. How did you feel about it when giving your vocals?
Honestly, to sing on your composition is way easier and we know exactly what the song needs as we have lived with the composition. The situation of the movie or the scene was already narrated to me from the producer Vinod Bacchan jii, which was to be a wedding scene. we cracked the song and shared that scratch to him and he instantly loved the song and locked it for ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ movie. Lyrically we never did any changes as Kunaal Vermaa penned the song was perfect in terms of lyrics and it went with the situation overall. Having said that, the entire procedure was super fun from recording the song to releasing it, we all have enjoyed the song very much.

You’ve had some interesting tracks this year that you’ve lent your vocals to. Do you consciously choose the kinds of songs you sing or do you usually go by vibe?
Usually what happens is the song is made by situation or by itself while thinking of something and then I record it on my phone. So over the years as a composer, I have varied genre of songs whose melody I’ve recorded on the phone. As a singer, I like to experiment too and always open to trying new vibe songs.

You’ve worked with Badshah and BPraak this year. How has the experience been working with them?
I am a huge fan of B Praak and all the more after I heard Teri Mitti from Kesari. He’s got a great voice texture and he is a truly a soulful singer that brings a song to life. When Kyon was was under process, I instantly thought of collaborating with B Praak because if we can plan any duet with him then, of course, he will give full justice to this sad and heartbreaking song.

Badshah is like a family member, even before we have worked for Bhare Bazaar song from Namaste England, it is always super fun and exciting to work with such a hard working guy. Everytime we work on a song, Badshah has a very creative mind and keeps coming up with new ideas and its always a blast working shim.

Your song with Stebin Ben, Baarish, was “big” before it was released due to Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan making their joint music video debut. Did you feel any pressure towards that early reception?
Honestly no, I didn’t felt any sort of pressure while working on Baarish, as VYRL already loved my track and they were ready to release it. I suggested for singer Stebin Ben, they even liked the idea for taking him on board as it was a duet song. It is the first time that I have sung and composed this kind of genre and thoroughly enjoyed it.

How would you describe the personal style you try to bring to the songs you sing?
We try to bring our own personal touch and textures while we sing, but then we usually try to fulfill it by how the music composer envisions it.

You’re also a composer. Do you often find yourself giving inputs when you’re singing for other composers?
I make sure to give freedom to the artist and also I keep ready with all the personal touches when I hear the stratch. But there are few composers who are particular about their songs and they want the song to be recorded in the way they have planned and thought, as every composer has his/her own vision of the song like i said.

How would you describe your showbiz journey and how you have grown since you entered the industry?
I moved in Mumbai quite early on in my career with my husband Aditya Dev. Honestly, my experience has been fair as everyone faces ups and downs and has to work hard or struggle to get to a point but, in all, it was not that bad at all. I’m thankful to God for everything. It was a new experience coming into a new city and trying our luck, to achieve what I have dreamt about in life. It was overall a good experience, of course.

When you look back, is there anything of your journey you would change?
No, I don’t think so. I’m grateful for everything.

Who is on your wishlist who you haven’t yet worked with?
There is still long list to go and it’s just a starting point for me.

What kind of music is your personal favourite?
So I usually prefer sad or heartbreaking genre as you can see Tum Hi Aana and Kyon or recently released Dil Chahte Ho.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the Indian music industry which you wish you had known before you joined?
Hard work and true dedication are the key. thanks Payal Dev for talking to us.

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