Movie Review: ‘Dream Girl’


If the initial trailer and songs are anything to go by, Ayushmann Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha starrer ‘Dream Girl’ has the potential to be another hit for them both. With acclaimed scriptwriter Raaj Shaandilyaa making his directorial debut, this Balaji Motion Pictures production promises quite a ride and – with Khurrana’s track record of films – a definitely interesting subject. But does it deliver on entertainment?

When Karam (Khurrana) is looking to step into a full-time job, he sees a poster on a bus which promises a great salary. When he calls up the number on the poster, he’s asked to visit the office. When he does so, he’s taken into a somewhat secret underground office which is a call centre of women talking to people on the phone. The boss of the centre says the job isn’t for a man but when the phone rings and Karam decides to pick up, he manages to keep the caller engaged for long enough to make money. He makes it his full-time job but how will he explain his income and profession to his family and his ladylove Mahi (Bharucha)?

It has to be said that the dialogues and direction are entirely appropriate to keep the audiences engaged. Shaandilyaa makes a great debut as director and he manages to keep the comedy alive throughout without losing the engagement of the audiences. The love story aspect and the sombre moments in between the comic scenes are also fitted perfectly into the overall narrative of, ultimately, what is a small town story.

The casting of the film also couldn’t have been more perfect. You wouldn’t be able to imagine anyone but Khurrana as Karam who eventually becomes Pooja at the call centre. The way he plays her is full of comedy and some realness which makes this call girl one that everyone wants a bit of. Khurrana excels in this role and it’s evident that this kind of comedy is something he’s perfected over time. Bharucha plays Mahi in a wonderfully refreshing way. Although the length of her role isn’t too long, her chemistry with Khurrana is decent and the stands she takes within her character’s realms are strong and understandable. Arguably, some of the best performances of the film come from the ensemble caste which includes Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz and Manjot Singh. The latter plays a trusted childhood friend of Karam’s and is there by his side through everything he’s going through. Kapoor’s performance as Karam’s father is highly commendable and it’s absolutely a treat to see him with Khurrana after seven years. Raaz is also fantastic as the cop who falls under the spell of Pooja and provides some laugh-out-loud moments in all the right places.

The soundtrack of the film is refreshing with songs like Radhe Radhe, Gat Gat and Dil Ka Telephone. Ik Mulaqaat is a qawwali type song which is a refreshing part of the film with Karam and Mahi are falling in love. The songs are also picturised well, with many colours and hook steps which stay in your mind.

It would be wrong to say it’s a surprise that the film achieves what it promised… but it really does! Khurrana has excelled once again but what backs him up is the rest of the cast of the film who all make a contribution to the many laughs you’ll be giving and hearing in the cinema halls when watching the film. It’s a great message that is acted out at the end too and it works because it’s isn’t overplayed throughout the story which is a positive. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and, quite frankly, downright hilarious film to brighten up your weekend, this is one to watch on the big screen. However, even if you don’t get a chance, it’s one you should watch some way even after it’s out of the cinemas as you’d be fool to miss out on it.

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