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Lyca Media confirm boosting power of DilSe Radio in West London

Popular music and talk London station, DilSe Radio has confirmed that it has boosted its signal in various parts of Greater London to reach out potentially to a bigger audience than previously.

Confirming the news to, its parent company, Lyca Media said DilSe’s 1035AM frequency had suffered particularly in the West London and North London areas due to weak transmitter power. This was mainly due to the location of its transmitter situated in South London. After lengthy talks and consultation with Ofcom, Lyca Media has been given the green signal enhancing the station’s coverage.

The station aims to empower listeners with all the information and entertainment they need to make their listening choice more wide raging and engaging. The station, featuring legendary on air personalities such as Tony Patti, Ravi Sharma and Sarita Sabharwal continues to go from strength to strength with their formula of music and talk shows.

Tony Patti of Lyca Media said, “Our aim was always to create a varied and engaging media channel that helps people feel better informed and entertained and be better able to make wise and choice decisions to their radio listening experience. At a time when people need and want to manage their listening preferences it is vitally important that we serve our advertisers and their investment in us to give them the reach and awareness they deserve from a London wide radio station. We want to help all our listeners and advertisers make decisions a lot easier and more rewarding.

“For listeners from all walks of life, DilSe Radio will provide a way to connect to our valued listeners experts. We’ll provide hard hitting talk shows and views as well as entertainment and inspiration. We’re looking forward to sharing our great programmes in areas of London which up until now could not be reached.”

DilSe Radio is also available on DAB digital radio, online and mobile app. The station is owned by Lyca Media II Ltd which also has other stations including Lyca Radio under its portfolio.