Kriti Sanon on keeping her personal life private

Ketna Mistry



Kriti Sanon has expressed that she doesn’t want to divulge too much about her personal life. She says that she would be happy to share some aspects but not all.

As reported in the Times Of India, Sanon said in an interview that having a small amount of privacy was important for her and those close to her. “There is a part of my life that I share with my fans. I am pretty active on social media… So yes, there are little things which I do share with my fans; but I do believe that there is a part of my life which is private and (which I would) like to keep private. I want that small space for myself and for the people who are really close to me.”

The ‘Raabta’ (2017) star whose has been linked with co-star Sushant Singh Rajput, said she wants to be known for her work over anything else. “I don’t want the focus to go away from my work. I’d rather want you to talk about my work than what’s happening in my personal life.”

Sanon said she isn’t bothered by rumours. “Three films, one link-up — not a bad thing… It doesn’t bother me. It is completely fine. Gossip is something which sort of interests people more.”

Further adding, “I don’t like that the attention goes away from one’s work, but at the same time it (gossip) is a part and parcel of the industry. It is not something that I can control. So better to ignore it or laugh along with it. As long as my family members or people really close to me know what’s happening in my personal life, I am okay with it.”

‘Raabta’ released yesterday, directed by Dinesh Vijan.