Independence Day Special: Memorable patriotic characters


It is that time of year again where every person in India rejoices and feels proud to be an Indian. 15th August marks the Indian Independence Day and to celebrate this day,��BizAsia will be looking at some of Bollywood’s characters who may not shout about their love for India but at heart they are true Indians.

��Karma�۪ (1986)

Karma - Dilip Kumar and Nutan

Subhash Ghai directed this classic which had Dilip Kumar playing the role of Dada Thakur a high ranking police officer who recruits three prisoners on death row to help defeat the evil Dr Dang. The audience is able to see how the three convicts (Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff & Naseeruddin Shah) take this mission as an opportunity to escape from the gallows but with time they transform into patriotic men wanting to make their country proud.

Throughout the film all the characters are seen professing their love for their country India, through the song Dil diya hai, jaan bhi denge ae watan, tere liye. (I�۪ve given you my heart, I�۪m willing to lay down my life for you, my country)

��Purab Aur Paschim�۪ (1970)

Purab Aur Paschim

Manoj Kumar is known for displaying his love for India in most of his films and this film is no exception. Kumar plays the role of Bharat the son of a freedom fighter who goes abroad to complete his studies. While abroad he stays with the Sharma family and meets the very western Preeti who knows nothing of her Indian roots.

Saira Banu who played the role of Preeti was appreciated for her role of a western girl who is curious to learn more about her guest and his Indian ways. The film showed the reality at the time of how students from India would leave for the west for their studies never to return, adapting to fit the western lifestyle.

The character Bharat feels the need to tell people about his country and almost change the negative thoughts they have about it. In one scene when he is asked what is so good about his country, he replies by stating many great facts about India and who can forget the song Bharat ka rehnewala hoon, Bharat ki baat sunata hoon. (I�۪m a resident of India, I�۪ll tell you about India)

��Mother India�۪ (1957)

Mother India

Directed by Mehboob Khan this film changed the fate of Bollywood and of the actors in the film. The film showed the life of an Indian woman named Radha (Nargis) starting from her youth to when she reaches her old age and the many struggles she faced during her lifetime.

It is said that during those times it was one of the most expensive films to be made but it was worth it as it did exceptionally well at the box office and to this day is regarded as a classic worldwide. In fact it was the first Indian film to be nominated for an Academy Award for ��Best Foreign Language Film�۪ in 1958. The films actress Nargis won the Filmfare best actress award and the director won the Filmfare best director�۪s award.

There is one scene where because of severe weather conditions the village is almost destroyed and the villagers decide that it would be best to leave their land and start their life afresh. At this point Radha pleads the villagers not to leave their home as she believes that the land is their mother and rather than leaving their mother they should help her. The scene showed a strong spirited woman who is willing to fight against the circumstances and if the time comes she will make sacrifices.

��Mr India�۪ (1987)

Anil Kapoor & Sridevi in 'Mr India'

The first of its kind in Bollywood, a film about a man with an invisibility watch and how he uses this power to stop Mogambo (Amrish Puri) and his accomplices from destroying India.

Anil Kapoor played the role of Arun a violinist, who lives with his adopted children and a nanny named Calendar. When Arun discovers his father�۪s creation he decides that he will use this power to stop the enemies of his country but not as Arun but as the invisible ��Mr India�۪. Helping Arun on his mission is a journalist named Seema (Sridevi) who takes her work very seriously.

The film showed what lengths Mogambo (Puri) will go to in getting what he wants. He contaminates food causing many deaths as well as spreading terror and fear amongst people through violent attacks.

��Mr India�۪ presented a good hearted man who would do anything he could to help stop the enemies from destroying his country.

��Bajrangi Bhaijaan�۪ (2015)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

A recent release that had many leaving the cinema in tears. It is the journey of one Indian man who will do whatever it takes to reunite a little girl with her family even if it means going to another country.

This film showed a different side to both India and Pakistan, it presented the love of both countries and above all humanity. Audiences were in awe at how an Indian man was willing to go to so much trouble to help a Pakistani girl find her family.

There were many scenes that showed that actually it isn�۪t the countries that are bad but a few people who for their selfish needs were giving their countries a bad name.

The film�۪s main character Pawan (Salman Khan) is given so much love and respect for his good intentions that he is given the title ��Bajrangi Bhaijaan�۪ meaning brother in Urdu.

BizAsia wishes everyone a happy Independence Day.

By Yasmin Shabir

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