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Nayanthara to replace Kareena Kapoor Khan in ‘Toxic’?

In a surprising turn of events, South Indian superstar Nayanthara has reportedly stepped into the shoes of Kareena Kapoor Khan for the highly anticipated film ‘Toxic,’ directed by Geetu Mohandas.

‘Toxic,’ slated for release on April 10, 2025, has been the subject of much speculation and buzz since its inception. Nayanthara is set to essay the role of Yash’s sister in the film, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

The decision to cast Nayanthara comes after Kareena’s exit from the project due to undisclosed reasons. While Kapoor Khan’s departure initially raised eyebrows, Nayanthara’s inclusion has been met with widespread acclaim from fans and industry insiders alike.

‘Toxic’ also stars Kiara Advani in the lead role opposite Yash.