Canadian rapper and producer Tesher

Canadian rapper and producer Tesher has returned with another record to get fans grooving and dreaming of the days when we can go back to the dancefloor.

After the success of “Yummy Jalebi”, his remix of Justin Bieber’s popular track “Yummy”, Tesher was inspired by his supportive and rapidly growing fanbase to take the leap and create an independent solo record, “Jalebi Baby”, building on his already well-received vocals in the remix.

Since its release in early 2020, “Yummy Jalebi” took over social media platforms with its incredibly catchy chorus and effortless blend of English and Punjabi lyrics. The track has been hugely popular with millions of views across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Influencers and creatives from around the world have been dancing and vibing to this energetic track.

Jalebi Baby is now available and can be streamed on all major platforms.