UK Immigration lawyer Harjap Bhangal has vowed to continue raise more awareness about health issues after he revealed on social media that he had a heart attack which he wasn’t aware about.

Bhangal, who is known for his immigration show on MATV and a slot on the BBC Asian Network, posted on Facebook a message saying that he thought the pain was indigestion, then later discovered in hospital that he had been having a heart attack for more than two days.

Bhangal told “I’m lucky to be alive. I went two days with having a heart attack. It started on Tuesday and I didn’t realise until Thursday.”

Bhangal also said he will use his broadcast and social media platforms to raise more awareness about heart disease. He added: “This thing happens to people young aswell. As Asians we are more at risk and at a disadvantage than others. The idea is to live as long as we can. A change of diet, a change of culture including alcohol needs to happen. I want people to learn from my mistakes.”

Bhangal hosts a weekly show on MATV and also appears as a guest regularly on BBC Asian Network.