Hum TV positions itself as ‘No.1 UK Pak Ent channel’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hum TV Europe
Hum TV Europe

Hum TV Europe has intensified the war amongst Pakistani channels in the UK by declaring its market position.

In its first major marketing campaign since launching in the UK, Hum TV Europe is using the strap-line “UK’s Number 1 Pakistani Entertainment Channel” to define its position in the saturated market. Hum TV Europe, which hovers around the 500,000 weekly reach mark, had the upper hand by launching as free-to-air channel, compared to its rivals Geo TV and ARY Digital. This indicates that Hum TV wants to give viewers and advertisers a clear statement about its top position amongst Pakistani entertainment channels in the UK. Geo TV currently has a weekly reach of over 200,000 viewers. However, in the channel’s defense, Geo TV has only just gone on BARB and is yet to commence any promotions about its “free” status. ARY Digital is not on BARB and is available as a part of the Sky Asia Pack.

Looking at the wider picture, its still early days for local Pakistani entertainment channels like DM Global and Prime TV to deliver any official marketing positions. Pakistani state broadcaster, PTV Global is sitting behind with a weekly reach of around 200,000 viewers.

Hum TV Europe has upped its marketing spend with brand awareness on outdoor billboards, radio and online being rolled out in the coming weeks.

Up until now, Star TV has used such marketing strap-lines for Star Plus, which remains the ‘UK’s Most Watched Asian TV Channel’ overall. NDTV 24×7 also has jumped on board with a similar marketing ploy with the tag ‘Number 1 Indian News Channel’ being used in its current radio marketing. However, its a first for a Pakistani channel to follow suit and will be interesting to see how other channels follow.