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Hrithik Roshan speaks on father Rakesh Roshan’s cancer treatment

Rakesh Rohan, who has earned fame for his work as a producer, director, and screenwriter, is undergoing a testing time, having been diagnosed with cancer in January.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Hrithik Roshan expressed, “In my father’s generation, a man was taught that masculinity meant being a rock. That a father is someone who is very strong and never expresses his vulnerability. Tears, we were taught, are feminine. But being a student of life, I have learned that strength does not mean the absence of tears. I realised that my dad had held way too much inside of him and I felt it was unhealthy.”

The upcoming ‘Super 30’ superstar continued, “Having been through all that he has, one day I pushed him to express what he has been feeling. And I could see how impossible it was for him to let go of that strength. But eventually one day, he broke down completely. I hugged him and we both let the tears flow. Ironically, even at that time he was switching between breaking down on my shoulder and consoling me as a strong father. We all felt so much stronger after that release. We must learn to express ourselves as human beings openly. Not just the popular emotions, but all emotions.”

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By Arjen Gill