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‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ to transfer to The Southbank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall

Rifco Theatre Company has announced ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’, Rifco’s most spectacular and ambitious musical to date, is to transfer to The Southbank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The music which has just opened for its world premiere for a three-week run at Watford Palace Theatre will go on to a 10-day run at HOME Manchester, followed by a national tour which will culminate in the three-week Southbank run.

Pravesh Kumar, MBE (Writer/Director) says “Frankie is a multi-layered piece of theatre. It offers a sumptuous British spin on the glorious stories of Bollywood; a breathtakingly colourful journey of romance, sweeping songs and vibrant dance juxtaposed with an exploration of the darker undercurrent within the culture. This is a celebration of everything glorious and spectacular about Bollywood and Indian culture while highlighting less positive experiences women face. I wanted to highlight this issue because it’s men’s responsibility to shine a light on sexism and to call it out whenever and wherever they see it. I hope this show is a catalyst.

In Video: BizAsia talks to cast & director of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’

“Rifco Theatre has a long tradition of working to celebrate and reflect contemporary British Asian experiences, culture, and society. Pravesh’s own experience working for a decade in Bollywood, and his extensive work looking at the British South Asian experience in UK theatre and film, play a fundamental role in the development of Rifco’s productions and subject matter focusing on untold stories and under-represented voices.

“Frankie Goes to Bollywood is both an ode and a call to action. An ode to the films we grew up with – movies that brought us laughter and tears and belting our lungs out in the shower. It’s also a nudge to interrogate the culture we’ve grown up with, and come together to make it better, brighter, and ask important questions about the deeply ingrained sexism.”

“We have been blown away by responses to the show – the pre-sales for our opening venue have been phenomenal to the point where Frankie has almost outsold presales for any other performance at Watford Palace Theatre. We are so excited to come to Southbank and continue meeting what is clearly pent-up demand for authentic South Asian theatre in the UK”