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Panjab Broadcasting Channel & Radio Khushkhabri drop off Sky EPG

Panjab Broadcasting Channel (PBC) and Radio Khushkhabri have been unexpectedly removed from the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) today, leaving viewers and listeners puzzled.

PBC, the Punjabi television service previously available on Sky channel 775, is no longer broadcasting. This marks another instance of the channel going off-air, having previously disappeared in October last year before returning a few days later. As of now, it remains uncertain whether PBC will make a comeback this time.

Simultaneously, Radio Khushkhabri, an Asian Christian service, has once again vanished from the Sky EPG. The channel, which was available on Sky EPG 0134, has experienced multiple disruptions in the past. Its latest disappearance adds to a series of similar incidents.

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The removal of a service from the Sky EPG is typically attributed to one of two reasons: either the broadcaster has failed to make necessary payments to Sky, or a technical fault has resulted in the channel being taken off-air.

As viewers await further information, the abrupt removals have raised questions about the stability and financial health of these services. Whether these channels will resume broadcasting remains to be seen.