EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Johny Lever

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


If anyone deserves to be described as a household name, it is funny guy Johny Lever. He has acted in over 400 Bollywood movies as well as won��a total of��14 Filmfare awards in the comic category. The actor, who has been tagged as the ‘King of Comedy’, was most recently appreciated in Sajid Khan’s ‘Housefull 2’ (2012) and��is all set to perform in front of live audiences in��his first UK tour after seven years. BizAsia had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with the multi-talented Lever ahead of the tour.

Lever is going to be touring the UK

Did you always want to become a comedian?

Yes, 100%. I always wanted to become a comedian since I was a child.

How do you feel when you’re recognized by fans around the world?

I feel very good when people recognize me. They laugh and smile when I am around them and��it’s special to know that there is a smile on someone’s face just because of me. Their response makes me feel precious & unique.

[quote]Comedy is very difficult to perform in front of people but their positive feed back does not need any judgment.[end_quote]

Which do you prefer; working in films or performing live?

Both are different fields and I enjoy working in films as well as performing live shows. A stage show is very different to a film.

The tagline of your show is ‘Laugh until you fart’ – how would you describe this kind of comedy in your own words?

The tagline is by ��Johnny Lever Live’. I know my audience and what they want from me and I try to give��what they expect.��I treat my audience like my family.

How do you gauge whether any given joke is working or not working with the audiences?

Comedy is very difficult to perform in front of people but their positive feed back does not need any judgment. Its easy to gauge because.My comedy and my performance always make people laugh. I have very much experience in comedy so its easy to gauge people.

How far do you believe that people are ‘born’ into comedy? Can it be learnt?

People are not ��born�۪ into comedy, they are born with talent. Talent is what makes you a comedian and you can’t be a comedian without having��the talent.

People always say, it’s hard to make people laugh. In your opinion, what makes it hard?

It’s difficult to make people laugh. If the audience encourages you, they enjoy your performance��and that is��a very big achievement.

What are your expectations of your show in London?

My expectations are to make my audience laugh and enjoy my performance. When they go back home with the big smile on their face, it’s priceless to me.

Any message to your fans?

In this world all humans are Gods Creation and every human should try to bring��a smile their own and another’s face. So,��my message��for my fans is that always keep smiling!

Lever’s humility is definitely there for all to see. BizAsia wishes him well for his tour. He��will be performing��in Bradford, Watford and Leicester.