DM Digital

DM Digital, which broadcasts on Sky Digital, has once again failed to provide evidence of recordings to media regulator Ofcom.

The channel did not acknowledge either of the requests for the latest breach in which Ofcom were investigating whether DM Digital were broadcasting charity appeals as paid-for advertisements.

Ofcom has recorded two previous similar breaches of Licence Condition 11(2)(b) against DM Digital and a further breach of the same licence Condition for its delay in providing recordings.

Under Licence Condition 11(2)(b) broadcasters are required to provide recordings. Failure to provide the correct recordings when requested by Ofcom is a breach of the licence.

Ofcom stated: “In view of DM Digital۪s repeated breaches of TLCS Licence Condition 11(2)(b), DM Digital is put on notice that the breaches of Licence Condition 11(2)(b) recorded in this Finding are being considered by Ofcom for the imposition of a statutory sanction.”