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The hot pairing of Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra is about to hit the screens soon with ��Baar Baar Dekho�۪. Debutante director Nitya Mehra takes the reign of this romantic drama that looks a like a good entertainer for the love birds of every generation as this film jumps forward checking life in each era of the life cycle. The on screen chemistry between both the leading stars looks pretty good and they seem to have a fair balance on screen of bouncing the limelight of each other. Mehra seems to have hand-picked a compilation of six different songs from different music directors and lyricists. With a very glamorous cast, the music will need to oomph the same glamour to make this work and deliver the hits.

Music Review - 'Baar Baar Dekho'
Music Review – ‘Baar Baar Dekho’

Jasleen Royal of Preet from ��Khoobsurat�۪ (2014) opens the album with Kho Gaye Hum Kahan with the supporting vocals and lyrics of Prateek Kuhad. Composed nicely by Jasleen herself the song is a soft acoustic song in her typical style where she mostly uses an acoustic guitar in most of her songs typical to her defined style. Here vocals are pure and effortless while Prateek�۪s vocals are very distinguishable and unique. They both have some kind of rare innocence in their vocals that is synonymous to young innocent love and thus makes an apt opening song. A good slow motion visual treatment with lot of laughs and fun should make this a perfect song for couples in the cinema to hold hands and cuddle up with each other. That is how powerful the lyrics are and how emotive the music treatment is. Simple but beautifully executed song.

Sau Aasmaan is the work of the super heartthrobs of Bollywood music ��� the Mallik brothers. Amaal Mallik�۪s music with brother Armaan�۪s vocals reminds one of the superhit composition of Sooraj Dooba Hai which is exactly the space of this song but with a slight difference of mainly a female lead with Neeti Mohan. It’s a very upbeat club composition with positive romantic lyrics by Kumaar makes this a possible big number of this album that could climb the charts quite easily. The high tempo will make this the obvious choice in the clubs for most DJs at the high end of the party that will boost the success of the song. Vocally both singers do a great job in keeping the soft subtleties of their vocals even at the high end of the song when the music takes the peak. Kumaar�۪s ability to make a song easy to sing along to really helps here and will contribute in making this a summer hit throughout. The stark resemblance to Mallik�۪s other party songs is the only downfall of the song but as long as the hit formula works it wouldn�۪t really matter to the masses.

Dariya is the complete work of Arko. From music to lyrics to vocals, the man takes care of the entire musical spectrum all by himself. He definitely must be on an exotic beach somewhere when he wrote this song as he talks to the sea announcing his love and sometimes comparing his lover to the sea. The contrast of male vocals but to female lyrics is quite interesting and very well executed. Arko�۪s rustic and authentic vocals work nicely with the lyrics and compositional style of the song which is predominantly set to a range of guitars including acoustic, electric and bass but with drums or beat to the song. Arko�۪s style and unique execution is quite endearing and perfect for weekend listening on a long drive or sitting around with friends. It does not have the commercial factors to it but as a song it is innovative and a good listen.

Jasleen Royal tries her hand at wedding music next and does exceptionally well with Nachde Ne Saare. She merges Punjabi instruments and composition style with deep electronic bass and DrumNBass in parts which has never been heard together in this style for typical Delhi wedding music. The arrangement is precise and beautifully executed. Kudos to Jasleen for putting this together throwing in the big moments and the typical Punjabi elements packed together in a single song. Jasleen�۪s vocals together with Harshdeep Kaur gives it the perfect Punjabi tadka with power packed male vocals by Siddharth Mahadevan all very well executed. Lyrics by Aditya Sharma are quite well written with the fun, tease, family, party and cute couple moments all captured together making it a perfect wedding song. The use of Punjabi slang like Khasma ku Khaane and ral-mil ke makes the song memorable and easy to sing along to for everyone everytime this song gets played at weddings.. and mind you, there will be loads of that as this song becomes the big favourite for the forthcoming wedding season!

Bilal Saeed has composed and sung Teri Khair Mangdi and sent from across the border. A pure Punjabi song written by Kumaar and Bilal himself, this song was originally composed by Dr Zeus back in 2013 and has been recreated for ��Baar Baar Dekho�۪ in the Bollywood style in a slower and more emotional way. The sad song of two parted souls is beautifully delivered by Bilal going from a deeply low voice to the high pitch points in an effortless way. The big orchestra music with tons of violin and an urban break-clap beat gives it a good turn compared to the 2013 original dance version. The lyrics are very powerful with strong Punjabi lyrics that you should give a new life to this song especially in the UK where the original did enjoy a fair bit of success.

Baar Baar Dekho - Kala Chashma 340x
Baar Baar Dekho – Kala Chashma

Recreating the big Punjabi superhit Kala Chashma, rapper Badshah has just given Bollywood its biggest hit of 2016 in his own urban style. There can be no doubt that this will be a mega hit considering the original Amar Arshi classic still creates havoc on the dancefloor every time it is dropped by desi DJs around the world at almost every party! This truly is a classic and Badshah keeps the original hook, melody, chorus lyrics and vocals that make this song iconic. Kumaar�۪s further lyrics for the female lead delivered by Neha Kakkar and Badshah�۪s rap work in a brilliant way complementing the original lyrics. A deeper bass beat and electronic break beat towards the end of the song makes the song fit for 2016 speakers. Perhaps the easiest choice of a song to recreate and by far the easiest sure shot hit of the year! Due credit to the team for doing justice to the original and yet putting in their bits of creativity to make a whole new song out of it.


��Baar Baar Dekho�۪ has a soundtrack that one can baar baar suno. With a good range of songs and strong commercial characteristics the album is designed for the masses. Commercial hits have been recreated to use these big hits for amplifying the success of the album. Be it the recreated Kala Chashma or Teri Khair Mangdi, the choice of songs is very good and so is the execution making these songs easy on the ears for 2016 listening. Jasleen Royal is the clear star of the album with two iconic songs Nachde ne Saare and Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. The work on both songs is really good and worth a listen. Party songs are the biggest highlight of this album working perfectly for a young romantic drama with top two glamorous stars in Bollywood. Sau Aasmaan, Kala Chashma and Nachde Ne Saare are all sure hits on the album. The soundtrack takes a slightly offbeat take on romantic numbers with Dariya and Kho Gaye Hum Kahan and thus not the strongest feature of the album although both songs are worth a listen. On the whole, ��Baar Baar Dekho�۪ is perhaps one of the best albums of the year so far.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating ��� 8/10

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