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A unique beauty of her time with qualities unlike other actresses. She spoke her dialogues with grace and had immense talent. She isn’t seen in many films these days but her past work remains a wonderful memory of how she won the hearts of audiences around the world.

The 3rd February marks the 80th birthday of the wonderful Waheeda Rehman. Therefore would be honoured to look back at 5 of the veteran actresses songs that showcased her beauty and great talent.

Title song of ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’ (1960)

The song was dedicated purely to Rehman’s striking beauty. When the film first released it was shot in black and white but during those days having certain songs or films shot in colour was becoming a big thing. This song was re shot in colour with some slight changes made to it however one has to watch very carefully to notice these. Still one thing that didn’t change was how beautiful Rehman looked. She had a simple look about her with no accessories or lots of make up.

In the song one can see that Guru Dutt’s character was absolutely lost in her beauty comparing her to the moon. The title track was sung by Mohammed Rafi in a soft and melodious manner, till date it is regarded as one of the most romantic songs ever.

Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai from ‘Guide’ (1965)

Clad in a sky blue sari Rehman makes one feel alive with her performance in this song. She was seen alongside Dev Anand who was a big star at the time and the director of this film. Rehman is carefree and just wants to enjoy life without worrying about what will happen tomorrow. In the song it is as though she only has today and she wants to make the most of it.

This is Rehman’s signature song and forever will be regarded as her song. Sang in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar these two ladies together created an unforgettable song.

Rangeela Re from ‘Prem Pujari’ (1970)

Once again she was seen with Dev Anand who also directed this film. This was one of the songs that became very popular at the time sung by Lata Mangeshkar it had a western twist to it. Various remixes have been made but if one is to listen to the original they would see the difference.

Dressed in a white and gold sari Rehman dazzles adorned in gold and diamonds. Rehman’s character seems to be heart broken and she can’t help but express her pain through this song. The way she danced on this song was incredible as she danced mixing western and classical steps together. Also her killer expressions made anyone watching feel her sadness.

Kahin Pe Nigahein from ‘C.I.D’ (1956)

A playful song that saw a very young Rehman trying to distract one person in order to save another through her singing and dancing. This is another song that has been touched again and again but has failed to reach the popularity of the original.

A black and white song that begins with Rehman playing an instrument with her then going on to tie her anklets. Shamshad Begum sang for Rehman with her voice suiting the actress very well.

Again her expressions in this song were sensational making it hard to take your eyes off of her. Said to be her first film it is hard to believe that this is the case as she looks so confident and natural.

Pawan Jhakora from ‘Meri Bhabhi’ (1969)

Filmed in the outdoors with lots of greenery to be seen. Rehman dressed in a lilac churidar, kameez suit looks like a flower amongst nature. With a simple look, her hair slicked back and put into a neat bun there was nothing to distract the audience but just focus on Rehman’s performance.

Lata Mangeshkar’s vocals worked beautifully with Rehman’s graceful performance.

The team at wishes Waheeda Rehman a happy 80th birthday!

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