Birthday Love: Sajal Ali’s five unique characters

Sajal Ali

Over the last five years or so this actress has not only grown in popularity but also as an actress. With every new project she selects the audience is excited to see the different characters she can mould herself into.

The actress we are talking about is none other than the talented beauty Sajal Ali who celebrates her birthday on the 17th January. On this occasion will look at five unique characters played by Ali.

Gul E Rana from ‘Gul E Rana’ (2015)

After Gul’s (Ali) father passes away she is taken in by her uncle who looks after both her mother and younger sister. His family however aren’t happy to have these guests in their house as they feel they get too much unnecessary attention. Her cousin Adil (Feroze Khan) is popular around the girls and is surprised when he seems to have no effect on Gul. He tries many ways to impress her but with no luck. Gul feels he is a spoilt brat who cares only about himself. It becomes a matter of his pride when he decides he wants to marry Gul. On the other hand Gul makes it her mission to prove that he can’t do as he pleases when it comes to her life. Ali’s character was confident and good hearted. She would respect everyone but if they did something wrong she would make sure they understood they were in the wrong.

Sassi from ‘O Rangreza’ (2017)

A playful character that whenever she appeared on screen it was like a black and white film suddenly being transformed into colour. Sassi (Ali) was loud, ambitious and very overconfident. Sassi knew she was born for greatness but how that would happen was unknown to her. It is only when she starts to meddle in her fathers affairs that her life transforms in ways she could never imagine. Ali was praised a lot for this role as she had never been seen like this ever. Usually the characters she played were often quiet or with little screen time but here she was the hero, she overshadowed all the other actors around her. During the 2018 Hum TV Awards Ali won many awards for her portrayal of Sassi.

Zubia from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ (2018)

Perhaps Ali never imagined how much love this drama would receive from the audience. Not only in Pakistan but around the world people appreciated this drama and commended her for her role of Dr Zubia.

Zubia has always lived a very sheltered life with a controlling father who doesn’t let anyone do anything without his permission. Zubia witnesses her mother lose her life thanks to her father’s violence and controlling ways. After that she feels lonely as her elder brother constantly works and his wife cares only about herself and their son. On her own Zubia makes many mistakes and because of those mistakes she faces some horrible consequences which affect the whole family.

However it is how she overcomes those mistakes and moves forward to make her life better that impressed many about her character. With her hard work and determination she becomes a well respected doctor who is admired by all around her.

For her role she won many awards not only in award ceremonies but in the hearts of her fans too.

Chammi from ‘Aangan’ (2019)

This period drama had Ali as the bubbly girl who says whatever she feels straight from the heart. She was a ray of sunshine and at the same time like an innocent doll. Chammi (Ali) liked Jameel (Ahad Raza Mir) very much and she never failed to hide her affection for him. There were many humorous scenes where Chammi could be seen reciting some flirtatious poetry to impress Jameel but sadly it didn’t work. What Chammi failed to realise was that her love was one sided as Jameel was in love with someone else. Knowing the truth her love for Jameel never lessens even after her marriage when she is so unhappy her only time of happiness is when she remembers those moments beside him.

Ali displayed many sides to her character in this drama. She had a funny side that had the audience in stitches and then there was another side that made the audience sad seeing her life without love.

Noor Ul Ain from ‘Yeh Dil Mera’ (2019)

This drama started in the last few months of 2019 and within a few episodes it began to captivate the audience. Noor Ul Ain also known as Aina (Ali) is the life of her father Mir Farooq played by Adnan Siddiqui. He constantly wraps her up in cotton wool and makes her travel with a body guard which bothers Aina a lot because she wants some freedom. Farooq worries for his daughter as she suffers from bad nightmares which affects her day to day life. She has to visit the psychiatrist and take medication which bothers her father as to what people will say about his daughter.

Many were excited for this drama because they got to see Siddiqui and Ali reunite as father in daughter again after seeing them in the Bollywood film ‘Mom’ (2017) and also seeing Ali pair up with her fiancé Ahad Raza Mir. So far people are liking the drama and the way Ali’s character is making people aware of mental health issues.

Another drama that Ali is currently starring in is ‘Alif’ alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan. This drama is also getting a lot of positive reviews from both critics and the audience.

The team at wishes Sajal Ali a very happy birthday and we wish Ali all the best with her current projects.

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