BBC Three to air comedy ‘Muzlamic’ this month

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The BBC has announced the launch of its new comedy ‘Muzlamic’, which will air on BBC Three this month.

The new pilot sketch show explores the life from the perspective of two Muslim comedians, or rather, two comedians who happen to be Muslim.

Written and performed by Ali Shahalom and Aatif Nawaz, the duo’s comic creations include Mabz, an enthusiastic barber from Bethnal Green, a pair of colleagues competing to be the whitest in their office, and a couple of Muslim holidaymakers who have worked out the most efficient way to get through airport security, and many more.

With an astute and hilarious array of politically-charged comment and observational sketches, ‘Muzlamic’ captures the diversity of the British-Muslim experience, where being Muslim is sometimes crucial, sometimes incidental.

This pilot for BBC Three is written and performed by Ali Shahalom (better known as Ali Official), a talented digital creator who’s stacked up more than 100 million views on his Instagram page, and Aatif Nawaz, a stand-up comedian best known for his acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows Muslims Do It 5 Times A Day and Instant GrAATIFication.

‘Muzlamic’ is a BBC Studios production for BBC Three. It was commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning. It was produced by Adnan Ahmed, the Executive Producers are Ben Caudell and Chris Sussman. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Gregor Sharp.