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BBC iPlayer streams show on ‘Sikh Boxing Warriors’

After its successful airing on BBC One, the BBC iPlayer is streaming ‘Sikh Boxing Warriors’, which gives an insight into The MLSS Boxing Academy in Walsall, West Midlands.

It follows devout Sikh Bhupinder Singh – aka Pops – as he tries to cement his club’s success and bring it national recognition. Pops is passionate about boxing’s ability to transform lives, especially for young men and women who may be struggling with the challenges of street crime and bullying.

Bhupinder Singh – Pops

Since the community gym opened in 2022, he’s trained 14 amateur fighters and three pros, and offered fitness and training to hundreds of others. But to succeed, Pops must keep growing the club, and to do that, he needs more big fights under his gym’s belt.

One of his protégés, Junior, is training for his first pro fight. If he succeeds, it will add more champions to MLSS Boxing Academy’s stable and pave the way for Junior to become a professional boxer. But will he triumph? And can Pops’s faith help them both stay focused and score the wins they need?