Alia Bhatt to be seen in bikini in ‘Shaandaar’

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has self admitted that she was a chubby kid growing up, and she wasn’t the fashionista she is now. This chubby little girl wowed everyone as the arrogant Shanaya in ‘Student of the Year.’ (2012). Having lost oodles of weight, she was as fit as her co-stars Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, enough to even don a bikini in her first film. Now, for her next film, ‘Shaandaar’ with Shahid Kapoor, she is all set to sport a bikini again, and went through a rigorous training regime for the same.

Bhatt’s career is going great guns. With all her films doing quite well in the box office, she has managed to win over audiences and critics alike. She is not willing to compromise on any of her roles, even when it comes to her appearance. According to the Mumbai Mirror, director Vikas Bahl didn’t even want “an ounce of puppy fat” on Bhatt for ‘Shaandaar.’ She started extensively working out, teaming up cardio and weights, but all this left her too thin, and Bahl told Bhatt to gain her curves back.

Bhatt started training with Yasmin Karachiwala, who has gotten her into the shape Bahl envisioned for Bhatt. Karachiwala told, “Alia came to me last July and told me that she wanted to looking sizzling in a bikini for Shaandaar. She was skinny but dedicated, refusing to eat anything, but what had been recommended. And in three months she had the perfect body for the UK shoot, going from super-thin to gymnast body-thin.” The trainer had also stopped the cardio training Bhatt was doing, and worked on her arms, abs, back, and legs.

Bhatt’s workout and diet regime is quite different. She doesn’t continue the same regimes that she starts for a film, but this time she is continuing the same extensive training for her next, also with Shahid Kapoor, ‘Udta Punjab.’ Karachiwala says the Bhatt has become a gym addict. “Apart from the coralline and trapeze, she has started working with the ‘Arcus,’ which is a big bow suspended in midair. This week, we will also begin with a superior form of exercise called the ‘Bodhi.’ I’m presently working with an instructor from the US to understand the machine better, since this is the first time it will be used in an Indian fitness studio. She’s young, hyperactive, and always ready to try something now. There are days when I have to throw her out of the gym and tell her to cheat on her diet.”

Bhatt is looking forward to reaching her goal. Also, she said “Pilates is new and challenging. Consistent training should help me reach my goal. I know I will get there soon, I just have to learn to be patient.”

Her last was a special appearance in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Ugly’ (2014). She has been choosing great film since her start three years ago, and the amount of dedication she’s shown to all her films, including ‘Shaandaar,’ and ‘Udta Punjab,’ proves that she is another great addition from the Bhatt clan.

By: Priyanka Borua

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