Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood actor and a 6-degree black belt holder in martial arts, Akshay Kumar, wants to make martial arts a compulsory subject in schools for both girls and boys.

The actor says the martial arts subject is as compulsory as mathematics or physics. “I feel a certificate in martial arts is more important than a certificate in physics or mathematics,” Kumar told DNA.

“I am in talks with the government to have martial arts as a compulsory subject for boys and girls. I look forward to the day every student would learn martial arts for at least three years. It is my dream. I do what I believe in. I believe in martial arts hence I promote it,” he said.

The actor has learnt martial arts in Bangkok. “I want to put my money in it. For me, martial art is not about earning money. It has taught me a lot. I have my own tournament. I invite students from all over the world. I even send them to Japan. I want kids to be taught martial arts in school,” the actor added.

“Yes, my son is a brown belt. He has just won a gold medal in judo at the national championship. I am a proud father. I am happy he is doing this,” said Kumar, who also teaches his son Aarav martial arts.