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Zoya Akhtar on ‘Gully Boy’ being out of the Oscars

It’s being touted as one of the best films to come out of 2019 with amazing performances by all actors involved, and a story audiences will remember forever. So it came as no surprise when it was announced that ‘Gully Boy’ (2019) was being entered in the Best International Film category for the Oscars for India. However, with the recent news that it has been dropped, many wondered how the makers must feel. Director Zoya Akhtar recently caught up with the media and spoke about it. 

“It was disappointing, but what can one do? You move on to your next film.” Filmfare reports Akhtar stating.

She went on to add, “We went through the entire process. But one doesn’t know how the system works there. The people there are not fully aware either as the system keeps evolving.”

Known for having a positive outlook on her work, Akhtar has established herself as one of the best filmmakers of the industry, where she continues to go from strength to strength. 

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