ZEE adds new watermark logo on all channels

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

ZEE adds new watermark bug on channels
ZEE adds new watermark bug on channels

The ZEE family of channels have introduced a new generic watermark logo on all of its TV services.

As well as the main channel bugs in the top right hand corner of screens, the letters ‘ZEE’ appear in a very faint grey shade on the opposite side. It is not clear why ZEE has added this new graphic but likely due to the current ZEE logos not displaying ‘ZEE’. The current logos, which were introduced last year show just a ‘Z’ with the name of the channel. Also, it could be an experiment to inform non-regular viewers that they are watching a ZEE channel.

ZEE’s two channels Zing and ZEE Cafe are both free-to-air in the UK market. Like Zing, ZEE Cafe is likely to become BARB rated in the new year but the network is yet to confirm this.