Your favourite website -Biz Asia UK– The UK’s only Asian media news website, is expanding next month with two new sites, plus a fresh new look and feel.

From April,Biz Asia UKwill don a new look, retaining the current structure and model that has made the site as popular as it is today, plus lots more news updates and features.

We will also be launching two new sites by foraying into the America/Canada markets and the entertainment sector. These will be:

Biz Asia Atlantic- The equivalent website toBiz Asia UK, where news and features will target the Asian media industry and consumers living in the USA and Canada.

Biz Asia Showbiz- The more consumer-savvy website with daily entertainment news from Bollywood and the UK Bhangra industry.Biz Asia Showbiz, will also partner up with local events in the UK, USA and Canada for exclusive coverage.

All in all, the three websites will sit under the currentMedia 247parent company, which up until now has been looking after UK media content but will expand to new entertainment avenues from next month.

Raj Baddhan, Co-Founder ofMedia 247said, “After six years of delivering and thriving on breaking UK Asian media news first and fastest, we’re continuing with this philosophy with a fresh new look and the addition of two new sites. We have been collecting readers feedback over the past six months and thus are improving the site keeping all this in mind. We’re sure our readers will love the new look of the website and make it a bigger success than what it is now.”

The new lookMedia 247sites go live in April, with the launch date being announced in the coming days.