Web-series ‘Three Shades of Brown’ goes French

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Three Shades of Brown' cast - Omar, Muzz & Navinder
‘Three Shades of Brown’ cast – Omar, Muzz & Navinder

A year ago today, Three Shades Of Brown began its 5-day shoot in a small flat in Wimbledon. The critically-acclaimed comedy webseries is akin to mixing ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ (2001) with ‘The Inbetweeners’, taking a look at the confused identities of three very different British-Asian men: the Rude Boy (trying to be black), the Coconut (trying to be white) and the Freshie (so very brown).

To celebrate its first birthday, ‘Three Shades of Brown’ will now be rolling out French subtitles to the series in order to make it accessible to a wider audience. For now, the trailer has been translated at Three Shades of Brown, with the series looking to be translated by the end of the week.

The maker of ‘Three Shades of Brown’, Shai Hussain, gives a little insight.

Why subtitles?

���The web is an international platform, so why narrow your audience to viewers who can speak English? Time permitting, I would love to see Three Shades Of Brown translated into more foreign languages, and particularly to do a dubbed version in Hindi.�۝

One year on��_

���As a first production, so much was learnt on the job, the biggest lesson of which was the power of marketing. Truth be told, we didn�۪t reach the viewing figures we wanted despite some great reviews. Preparation is key. Bring on series 2!�۝

On series 2��_

���We are planning to soon kickoff a crowdfunding campaign for the next series. Series 1 was totally self-funded, which is why the majority of it took place in my flat. We�۪re looking to be more ambitious now, with more locations, more talent on board and now that I�۪ve moved ��� a bigger flat!�۝

Nas (Muzz Khan), Ravi (Omar Khan) and Harry (Navinder Bhatti) will return in ‘Three Shades Of Brown: Brown Is The New Orange’.