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Vivian Dsena: “Football has been left behind in India”

Vivian Dsena is a passionate football player and even wanted to build a career in the sport. “I wanted to pursue football as a career but I couldn’t get much scope and it was not a substantial thing to build my life on. I did not have the resources and scope to take football as a career. In India, there were not many opportunities for football players,” he says, adding, “I think, in India, only cricket is considered as a religion, more than sport. I personally feel that football is left behind even though football has taken a better shape in India by the Indian super league. A lot of footballers are getting to play and are now even making a profession out of it.”

The actor, who makes sure to play football at least twice a week, says that all sports should be emphasised on in school, “I think sports is something which should be taught and encouraged since childhood, as we say health is wealth and sports give you a healthy life and every kid should pick one sport and pursue at least during school and college. That is the time you are building your life and growing and that will help in the long life and it has helped me and others too. It helped me a lot as an athlete, my football played in those years is helping me today,” he says.

Ask him who his favourite player is, and prompt comes the reply, “Lionel Messi!”