Vidya Balan on using rude words in ‘Begum Jaan’

Shyama Sudra



With film makers becoming more careful in the way the make raw cinema, it seems many are taking are attempting to bend the rules slightly in order to make the film want. This goes for Vidya Balan’s ‘Begum Jaan’ where as a part of her character she will be displaying some rude ways of expression herself verbally.

Directed by Srijit Mukherji, Deccan Chronicle reports the actress jokingly expressing, “All the abuses which I can’t give otherwise, I said it here.” She goes on to express, “The place where she comes from she abuses a lot and easily. It’s no big deal. When I was playing the role there was no apprehension with regards to the language. I can’t be Begum Jaan and speak shayarana Urdu.”

Balan is no stranger to different attire, and this film will be no different. Playing the role of a brothel madam, the actress went on to express how there was a full team behind the look. “There is no contribution of mine in it (the look). Srijit had a certain vision for ‘Begum Jaa’n in mind. She is from Punjab, so the costumes were made from fabrics sourced from authentic places. The make-up and hairstylist then gave me a unibrow,” she expressed.

Balan went on to say, “I feel fortunate to work with a team where I didn’t have to worry about the look. It is all of the team and their work, very little of me.”

With every filmmaker worrying about the censor board becoming stricter, apparently reports had it that ‘Begum Jaan’ had no problems where they were given the go ahead. Also starring Gauahar Khan, Pallavi Sharda and Naseeruddin Shah, the film is set to hit the big screens on 14th April.