Varun Dhawan on ‘Sui Dhaaga’: “I could play off Anushka very well”


Yash Raj Films’ ‘Sui Dhaaga’, directed by Sharat Katariya, brings together Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma for the first time. The trailer promises a love story which takes the couple from rags to riches, with an earthy Indian feel. With promotions upping the film’s excitement levels, this is one film that many will be waiting to watch. spoke to Dhawan about the film, ahead of its release on Friday.

‘Sui Dhaaga’ is a small town story which – from the trailers – has a huge impact. How much do you think the film’s particular narrative is different to other small town tales seen in Bollywood before?
This was a conscious decision. I don’t want to do movies that people have already done. Sharat’s landscape that he creates, Anil Mehta has shot the film… Just the way the film has been shot, conceived, blocked, it’s not going to look like any other small town film. The look is different, the score is different. There’s a feel good vibe to it. It’s small town but in a very different way. We’ve not taken any shortcuts and we’ve represented how these people live in a very nice way. We’ve not shown poverty in a bad way. It’s there in the film, it exists… but it’s celebrated in a way. There’s a lot of happiness between these people. It’s very inspiring and engaging within the film.

Your chemistry with Anushka Sharma is on point. Was this difficult to achieve on screen at all?
Actually it was surprising to me more than other people. I was worried. I didn’t know how Anushka and I would come across. We didn’t know each other and we hadn’t broken the ice but she’s a very good actor so I could play off her very well. Anything that I wanted to do in scenes, she would let me. She was very helpful. In fact, she would also give me ideas. It was quite helpful because I love improvising.

‘Sui Dhaaga’ seems like a well-rooted Indian story. How much do you think the modern, international audience will relate?
I think they will relate totally because even their roots are Indian, essentially. It will be interesting for them to see how much Indian villages have advanced now. Everyone has this fixed notion about India and it’s villages. They’ll really get to see how interesting life is in a village.

You personally learnt the task of sewing and embroidering. How much did this help you get into the skin of your character?
I spent around three and a half months with this tailor called Noor bhai and Darshan, our designer. I learnt how to stitch, how to thread a needle. We made blouses, shirts, pillowcases. I needed to make different things for the film. I learnt how to assemble and disassemble a machine and an industrial machine is very different too. Even the clothes and growing a moustache is all part and parcel of the process of becoming Mauji. It was quite cool because I’ve never dressed like that. It’s a full character which I hope will win everyone’s hearts.

What do you personally identify with about your character?
I think the fact that he said mera naam hai Mauji aur main har kaam karoon mauj ke saath. I am pretty much that way. I do everything with a bit of happiness. I want to make people happy; that’s my intent.

What did you find most challenging about the film’s shoot?
I think for me that was the accent. I had a lot of lines so saying long monologues and keeping the situation in mind and not messing it up was a bit difficult.

What would you say is the most heart-warming thing about the story?
I think the human story. The story about how these characters – no matter what happens – say Sab Badhiya Hai. I think the family of these characters will keep audiences laughing until they cry.

‘Sui Dhaaga’ releases on 28th September.

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