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TV doctor Ranj Singh blasts British Curry Awards

Dr Ranj Singh, a popular face on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ and BBC One’s ‘Morning Live’ has slammed this year’s British Curry Awards. He criticised the organisers for its “all-white judging panel” and the use of “90 per cent white performers.”

In a social media post, Singh expressed that he felt “uncomfortable” at the event on Monday night. He said, “It’s so wonderful being at the #BritishCurryAwards tonight… celebrating the best of Asian cuisine! However, how is it that the entire judging panel, host, and even most of the performers on stage so far have all been white? We can do better! #represenationmatters.”

He added, “I was honoured and privileged to be invited as a guest for the British Curry Awards tonight. Firstly, thank you to this brilliant organisation for doing their best to celebrate our Asian community.

“However, when the host is white, the judging panel is entirely white, the performers onstage are over 90% white, are we really representing our community fairly? And to top it off, we have a racist joke on stage, and are auctioning off a piece by Winston Churchill whose relationship with India (and Bengali people specifically) is problematic?

“We are better than this. We are a magnificent people. We have done so much and still have so much to offer. Let’s do better together.”