Tiger Shroff not upset about negative tweets

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Heropanti' starring Tiger Shroff & Kriti Sanon
Tiger Shroff not upset about negative tweets

Social media can be the worst place for a celebrity and also the best. With everyone speaking their mind, it’s easy for one to get caught up in what is being said, however rarely do we see someone being so light-hearted about the worst of comments. One such person is Tiger Shroff who has recently been the target for jokes on the micro-blogging site.

With people tweeting negatively about his name being Tiger, Shroff expressed how he understands how this all comes with the job and is just glad he is being noticed. “It is a good thing that people are talking about me. Besides me, there are Rajinikanth-ji, Alok Nath-ji, Alia Bhatt and now Yo Yo Honey Singh (who have also been targets for tweeters for the same reason),” IBN Live��reported the actor stating.

He went onto say, “Many youngsters these days are using internet. I think it is a good thing if you are talked about online. After all it is publicity, be it positive or negative.”

He will be debuting as the lead in Sabbir Khan’s ‘Heropanti’, and it looks like father Jackie Shroff has taught his son a good few lessons about being in the limelight. With an attitude such as his right now, there’s no doubt there will be no stopping this Junior Shroff from climbing up that success ladder, no matter what people say.