Threats from viewers halts show on DM Digital


DM Digital, a free-to-air broadcaster on Sky Digital has experienced a backlash from a section of the Asian community over a programme it aired last week.

The drama in question titled ‘Hazrat Ali (RAA) Epic’ was produced by Shiats who were not happy that DM Islam (sibling of DM Digital) owned by Sunis was screening a show that did not depict a true-reflection of history.

Chairman Dr. L Malik of DM Digital said, “Yes, we had some major issues and conflict from Shiat and Sunni sectors. There were major threats and violence around the country and to myself and the channel. The police were involved and even though we had a lot of positive feedback to continue showing the drama we have stopped it to ensure that the conflict and violence does not progress any further.”

Elaborating further on the controversial drama, Dr Malik continued, “The major complaint was that the film was made by Shiats and after the prophet (PBUH) passed away there appears to be a dispute between what happened between the companions of the prophet (PBUH).”

DM Digital claims that 60 imams from around the country threatened to boycott the channel. Callers also threatened to set fire to the Manchester-based channel because of the history conflict between the two sectors.

Dr Malik said his channel is owned by Sunnis and the intention of the channel is to target all Muslims, which explains why the transmission of the show took place.

“I took the view that the show was an educational epic. When this was aired we had phone calls from 18,000 people ringing in favour of the drama. But the threat of violence and the content was not as some of the Muslims saw as a true reflection of the history therefore the show was taken off air to prevent violence amongst Muslims.”

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