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Digital Review: ‘The Kashmir Files: Unreported’ on ZEE5 Global

Indian film director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and his wife actor Pallavi Joshi present ‘The Kashmir Files: Unreported’, a horrific saga of the first-hand narrative surrounding the lives of Kashmiri Pandits and the genocide (a framing considered inaccurate by scholars) inflicted on them.

In a seven episode documentary, Agnihotri and Joshi reflect upon subjects related to the troubled history of countries India and Pakistan, their strained relationship since partition and a detailed description of the tragic fleeing of Kashmiri Pandits from their homes in India due to the violence they underwent.

The documentary shows visuals collected from anecdotes, testimonies of some Kashmiri Pandit victims and relatives of these victims who were subjected to atrocities at the hands of terrorists and archived footage from the era when India gained independence along with detailed description about the said violence and other shocking historical incidents involving brute methods, as narrated by experts who have studied Indian independence, the Kashmir conflict in particular and international relations with India and Pakistan being in main focus.

Agnihotri has faced harsh criticism for his film ‘The Kashmir Files’. The 2022 film presented a fictional storyline centred around the1990 exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir. Following the film, Agnihotri has now decided to release the documentary ‘The Kashmir Files: Unreported’ that claims to investigate the history of the Kashmir conflict along with other related matters based on data gathered before the making of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’.

The documentary is streaming now. Its trailer launch has already seen criticism from Pakistan that has called out Agnihotri as communal.

The massacre of Kashmiri Pandits shown in ‘The Kashmir Files’ garnered mixed reactions from the public and critics after its release. The film however was a huge box office success minting approximately GBP 3,21,96,952 worldwide equivalent to around rupees 340 crores.

It needs to be seen what kind of a reception is given to ‘The Kashmir Files: Unreported’ by the audience. Meanwhile Agnihotri has tried to build excitement around the release of the documentary by tweeting, “The best-kept secrets of Kashmir will be out in just 2 days! #StayTuned.”