The Islam Channel has been pulled by media regulator, Ofcom again, this time over the way it broadcasts sponsorship messages.

During two occasions in July last year, The Islam Channel ran sponsorship credits, which were not distinct from regular advertising.

Ofcom has published a number of findings in relation to sponsorship credits in recent years, and has made clear the need for broadcasters to exercise care to ensure that credits do not contain advertising messages and calls to action.

In relation to the requirement that the sponsorship credit be distinct from advertising, The Islam Channel said, “the sponsor card and the advert were separate and it is clear that this is the case as the vocal inflection of the voiceover artist signifies that the advert is coming to an end_. There is a pause that clearly shows the advert has ceased especially since a new image appears followed by the statement this Adhaan is brought to you by the sponsor.”

The Islam Channel submitted that it has updated its procedures so that this error does not occur again. All new sponsorship credits must now be approved by The Islam Channel’s legal team before they are broadcast.