Tasha Tah: “None of my songs are over rehearsed or forced”


Tasha Tah is one of the UK’s most popular female artistes, having topped the charts with her music throughout her career since her debut in 2011. Her new track ‘Oye Oye’, the video to which released yesterday, is bound to be a success with music lovers too. It’s a fiery, dance number with Tasha Tah’s trademark Urban Punjabi style.

BizAsiaLive.com spoke to Tasha Tah about the new single in an exclusive chat.

What is your inspiration behind the song?
The song was written after a crazy holiday in Ibiza, I just wanted to release something that was energetic, fierce and in line with my usual Urban Punjabi style. I came back and listened to a lot of reggaeton beats because I was inspired by a beach party that I had been to, once I got into studio the words just started to flow and I wanted a hook that was universal, ‘Oye Oye’ was perfect and the song was written based around the hook. I write and compose all my music so I always go with whatever comes naturally. None of my melodies or songs are over rehearsed or forced. I believe a song should be as natural as possible.

What stood out for you when shooting/recording for it?
The heavy reggaeton beat just made the whole vibe of the video and recording energetic and exciting. I love all my songs that I have written but this one has a different energy and vibe to it. Its a little cheekier than the others. this project in particular was a lot bigger in terms of shooting, the team and marketing behind the song. Obviously I was releasing under a huge banner such as B4U, the work behind the scenes was a lot more precise compared to when I was an independent artist.

How did you conceptualise the video?
As it was a raggeaton beat we wanted to go for the neon lights and lots of whining as that’s one of the main hooks in the song. However I wanted to remain true to my style and keep it edgy and still ‘me’. I’m not a huge fan of storyline videos, I find them a little cheesy at times, I like the focus to be on the song and the performance factor. Its a dance number so it made sense to have a sexy dance routine. There’s also a water scene, that was my idea, I just think it looked hot to be honest.

Tasha Tah

I’m not a huge fan of storyline videos, I find them a little cheesy at times, I like the focus to be on the song and the performance factor. Its a dance number so it made sense to have a sexy dance routine.

What can we expect from you this year after Oye Oye?
Lots of new music, obviously I’ve had some time out which has given me time to write and really put my catalogue of music together. I will be dropping more singles, doing some Bollywood projects and modelling work. We will also be putting together a tour, so this year looks busy and fun all the same time.

You’ve developed a great UK following since 2011. What is your secret?
I think its down to nothing more than good music that can be listened to in years to come, it will always keep you relevant because people don’t forget you. I don’t think anyone is interested in my outfit of the day on Instagram, my fans just want music and now I wont stop. It will be one release after the other. I have also come to realise that the fans are always right, without them I am nothing and I have to show them utmost respect. I try my hardest to reply to as many fans as I can and just keep it real.

How do you keep motivated?
It’s the love of the art. Its not something you can shake off and switch off from. Every time I hear a beat, I am humming, I want to pick up a pen and write. Its an inner passion, I don’t think I will ever stop, motivation doesn’t even come into it, its my blue print. I am a musician through and through.

How would you sum up the British Asian sound – if you can at all?
I would say Urban. I wont say urban Asian only because that limits me, I love writing all types of music ranging from hip-hop to Bollywood to Punjabi to House; just depends on my mood. However I am predominately urban, that’s where my comfort zone is, I feel relaxed with this style of music and I am totally element.

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