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‘Take Me Out’ star Meera Sharma on challenging dating stereotypes with new radio show

After her brief stint on ITV1’s reality show ‘Take Me Out’, Meera Sharma has made her radio debut with a new dating show. In an exclusive interview with BizAsia’s Raj Baddhan, Sharma opened up about what listeners can expect from the series and challenging those stereotypes Asians face when dating.

How has life changed for you since finishing on ‘Take Me Out’ last year?
Take Me Out finished airing in December and I’ve had some great opportunities come my way, on the back of the show, which has been great. The platform has allowed me to continue talking about the importance of South Asian representation in mainstream media, whether in publications or on radio. It’s a topic that means a lot to me and I’m glad I can do my part in challenging those stereotypes we often see about us. I feel if you have a platform you should use it to bring light to issues affecting people and hopefully make a positive change.

After ‘Take Me Out’, your profile has raised but has this led to any successful dates?
Ha, no it actually hasn’t. My DM’s are continuing to pop but there hasn’t been anyone that has caught my eye. AND, I’ve been super busy with everything. Then of course the pandemic turned things upside down earlier this year so I’ve not been on any dates.

Meera Sharma took part in the ITV dating show ‘Take Me Out’

Sticking with the dating theme, you and British Asian singer, Jaya will be fronting a dating/relationship show – tell us more?
Yes, I’m super excited to team up with Jaya for our new show Up Your Game, airing Tuesday’s at 14:00 (UK)/ 19:30 (IST)/ 06:00 (PST) on Rukus Avenue Radio x Dash Radio. RAR is a station which gives a voice and point of view to presenters that break the norm, and that’s exactly what we have both done in our respective fields, so there really isn’t a more suited station we could have partnered with!

The aim of the show is to also talk about the issues within the South Asian community and hopefully bring about some positive change.

Up Your Game is here to help listeners do exactly what the title says and up their game in life be it in dating, style, relationships – both with others and with yourself. Self love is so important too! We are both in our 30’s and want viewers to think of us as those Aunties we all wished we bumped into at weddings, the ones that tell you to live life on your own terms and pass no judgement. We’re giving a new meaning to Auntie Ji. 😉 It’s actually the inspiration behind a segment in the show called Ask The Auntie Gs where myself and Jaya give advice to listeners, who can submit their dating and relationship dilemmas to us.

What are you trying to achieve with this show?
We both really want to challenge the stereotypes that are often associated with South Asians, especially in a dating and relationship sense. We don’t all come from strict households and have relationships on the sly, as often portrayed in the media about us.

The aim of the show is to also talk about the issues within the South Asian community and hopefully bring about some positive change.

In general it is a fun show – it reflects our personalities and sense of humour, that’s for sure!

(Jaya) I’m most excited about sharing this platform with my co-host Meera. I really want to show that South Asian women can come together and support one another.

Jaya is co-hosting with Meera Sharma on Rukus Avenue Radio

You will also be joined by special guests on the show, can you tell us who they will be?
Yes, each episode has a topic of focus and we have a special guest who has knowledge in that subject. Topics which you will hear about in the first few weeks, include Interracial relationships, finding love on reality TV and further to this we are focusing on the dating scenes in various countries – London is the first city of focus.

Whilst I can’t reveal the guests I can say the first episode saw us talk to influencer and makeup artist Natasha Sandhu about dating during lockdown, with a focus on a new dating app, Love at First Swipe.

What’s the biggest challenges you want to overcome with the new radio show?
Again, it’s challenging those stereotypes and giving South Asians a platform to talk about dating and relationships.

Final word
Don’t feel pressured to get into a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Live life on your terms! And listen to our show…