With more and more religious groups finding faults within the Indian film industry, the latest film to land into a bit of trouble was Rajkumar Hiranai’s ‘PK’. However news has it the the film is out of trouble for the moment with the Supreme Court not finding anything wrong.

The films poster which showed actor Aamir Khan posing nude on a railway track, was reported to cause offense towards religious views. However, the plea was immediately dismissed. Hindustan TimesreportedChief Justice R M Lodha stating, “What is wrong with it. Don’t be so sensitive to these things.These are matters of art and entertainment. Let it remain so. Don’t bring religious facet to it.”

He went onto add, “Our society is very mature society. No body will get agitated on it,” the bench said, adding, “If you don’t like then don’t watch the movie.”

Releasing on 19th December. ‘PK’ also stars Anushka Sharma.