Sujoy Ghosh on ‘Badla’ being a remake of Spanish film ‘The Invisible Guest’


Sujay Ghosh’s next film ‘Badla’ brings together Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu one again and the initial trailers have done much to up intrigue. The filmmaker spoke about the film being based on Spanish film ‘The Invisible Guest’.

“I’ve made a lot of changes, for me, it was a fresh story written with Indian sensibilities in mind. I understand some may know the premise, but at the end of the day, it’s the approach that matters,” said the director, in a recent interview with Bangalore Mirror.

He added, “There will be people who would watch this film to seehow I’ve adapted the original film and also those who aren’t even aware that this is an adaptation.”

The film releases on 8th March.

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    • After seeing the Spanish film it is clear how shamelessly the Director, producer’s and cast claim a original film writing. Being second largest movie making industry in the world after Hollywood I feel pity to see there is no originality in any of the script. Stolen script from others are claimed original and produced. It is a wrong thing getting cultivated. Shame on the industry and the big production houses and cast who deceive the common public.

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