Star UK announces launch of new local shows

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


In an effort to bolster its UK programming output recorded locally, Star TV will begin rolling out a number of new shows targeting Brit-Asian viewers.

The brand new formats will span different genres, with the network claiming that it will cement Star�۪s dominant position in the Asian television market and engage the British Asian community.

The network is currently in the process of drawing up contracts with various production houses and thus was not in the position to release further details about the new shows.

However, talking to, a source from Star did let on some information. “One show is based on Jay Sean, the other is based on comedy sketches and the third is based around the happenings in the UK (not just London but all over),” said Star.

Recently, Asian broadcasters in the UK have reduced local offerings due to high costs and instead relying on imported shows from Asia. Previously, ‘Hot Seat’ – was Star�۪s locally produced celebrity chat show in 2009 featuring the cr̬me de la cr̬me of the British Asian music industry.