Star Plus to launch ‘Ikyaavan’ in mid-November

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Star Plus has confirmed that it will be launching its new fiction ‘Ikyaavan’ in mid-November, replacing ‘Chandra Nandini’.

The show starring Prachi Tehla and Namish Taneja, revolves around a girl, who is bullied for being the tallest in her college. Previously, Taneja said in an interview with Bombay Times, “Yes, I am back on Indian TV with Ikyawann after seven months. I will play Satya on the show. My character belongs to an affluent family. The show is set in Ahmedabad. He is the most handsome guy in the college. Since he doesn’t want to join his father’s business, he keeps failing in his exams.”

‘Ikyaavan’ will launch on Monday 13th November at 20:30.