SRK: “I think I am too old for a romantic film now”


His title of King Khan came from being the King of romance, however Shah Rukh Khan feels that he is not too old to relate to young love and romance of today’s generation.

“I think the times have changed a lot in terms of the language. Romance hasn’t changed. I think people have less time. I also find this whole rightly-so pushed for equality I think creates more buddy-feel between men and women,” Hindustan Times reports the actor expressing.

He went on to say, “When you are buddies, you can’t romance. There is a whole wave which I notice with youngsters, because I have kids and some young actors and actresses talk to each other very differently.”

Understanding that the process of romance has changed, he still feels it requires the same essence that it has done for years. “Romance has to have a little formality. Whether it’s ‘tehzeeb,’ going down on your knees, whether it is saying couplets in praise of a girl. I am from that school, I still believe in it.I think romance has to be formal. ‘Aur phir kya kar rahi hai?’ It can’t work like that, even if there is equality. I think I am too old for a romantic film now, of that genre. May be the youngsters will have to find language which has formality but still of today.”

Khan’s forthcoming project will be helmed by Imtiaz Ali. Also starring Anushka Sharma, Khan said that this film will be a different kind of romantic drama, because Ali is from the same pool of thinking as himself. He added, “May be in Imtiaz’s film it might be there because I am playing kind of my age, 40s, the lady of course Anushka is younger than me. There is this formality because he (Ali) belongs to that world, but the language is very Imtiaz. He is very modern thinking, has a different take on romance.”

Showing his own romantic an compassionate self, Khan believes that it should all be done to the fullest, as he expressed, “Romance requires a little bit of formality, space, enjoyment. From the days of walking on the beach holding hands, to under starlit night to full moon night. All the connotation of romance need time and formality.”

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