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Sooraj Pancholi asks media for help in Jiah Khan court case

Sooraj Pancholi has been embroiled in the court case regarding his former girlfriend Jiah Khan’s suicide since 2013. He is now appealing to the media to assist him in finally closing this chapter.

At the trailer launch of his next film ‘Satellite Shankar’, Pancholi shared, “I have been struggling in life over the past seven years. I was put behind bars when I was 21 for something I have not done. I don’t want to hide this, but I want to say that all these years I have been quiet because I believed in our legal system. I still believe in court procedure, but it has been time-consuming, and I don’t have the patience to wait for the judgement for another 14-20 years,” NDTV reported.

Pancholi broke down speaking about the situation. “I have been accused in this, and the accused can’t do anything. If I am a complainant, I don’t have to go to court, but the accused has to go to court for every hearing. I have been going for court hearings since I was 21. I will turn 29 in a month. In the history of India, mine is the only case where the accused has asked the court to continue the trial.”

Going into more detail about the case, he explained why the matter has been stuck in court for so long. “The complainant’s (Rabiya Khan) duty is to come to court if they want justice. But every time I have a trial, the complainants catch a flight and leave for London because they have a British passport and the authorities over here cannot do anything about it. It’s not fair. I want this trial to start and end because I want an answer whether I am guilty or not,” he said, adding that, “Police has done the investigation twice. I have gone through CBI investigation at the age of 22. I sat with them through day and night. If they said there is nothing in this case, then why is the court not starting my trial? And why won’t the complainant be there at the trial? She (Rabiya Khan) has accused me, so now it’s her duty to prove I’m guilty.”

He appealed to the media to get his message across in hopes of ending this trial, “It’s my request to the media to take a stand on this matter. The media keeps asking questions about the case but what should I talk about? So, I am really asking for help. I thought it would get sorted out but it’s been too long.”

‘Satellite Shankar’ will release on 15th November.