Sony SAB TV axes ‘Super Sisters’ after two months

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sony SAB TV has taken the decision to axe ‘Super Sisters’, which launched only last month.

IWM Buzz reports that the show is expected to bow out sometime next month due to high production costs.

An actor who wished to remain anonymous, told the publication, “We all are in a state of shock. This decision just does not make any sense. You can’t take a call saying numbers are low, in such a short period, especially if you are trying to bring genre level changes, which always take time. Also, if you really wanted your experiment to succeed, why did you not put your money where your mouth is? In our case, there were hardly any promotions. We actors were chipping in on our individual levels.”

The source went on to say, “Apart from the producer taking a big hit, our financial pitches too have been queried by this unfortunate turn of events. Some of us had offers from big shows, which we declined, hoping that this differentiated concept will at least run for a year. But now we are left holding the proverbial sack.”

The source elaborated, “The main reason given to us for the ending was quite hilarious. Supposedly, graphic costs were just not adding up, given the low numbers, leading to both production house and channel taking a joint call. But should not all of this have been factored in at the very outset?”

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