Smriti’s show ‘Virrudh’ to end in January

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Whilst Ekta Kapoor is readying the end of her long running show ‘Kausatii Zindagi Kay’, her pal Smriti Irani has decided to pull the plug on ‘Virrudh’.

The drama series, which launched with much fanfare earlier this year, is coming to a natural end next month on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. ‘Virrudh’ was Smriti’s first production outside her commitments with STAR.

According to Mumbai Mirror, Sony TV wanted the show to continue, but Smriti felt that she had completed the story that she wanted to tell.

A source says, “In fact, Smriti wanted to pull it off this month but the channel heads asked her to continue since they did not have a show that could replace Virrudh.”

Smriti confirms that Virrudh will indeed go off air next month. She says, “Virrudh is coming to a logical end. I am happy and proud that Sony TV gave me the opportunity to produce my first daily show. I have no complaints. The show won five awards in the recent television awards functions. I am signing off on a contented note.”

It is likely ‘Virrudh’ will be replaced with Ratna Sinha’s show