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Single Music Review: Chauffeur by Diljit Dosanjh, Tory Lanez, Ikky

As far as international collaborations go, this truly is an exciting one! Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh joins hands with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez in a cross-border for cross-music styles. New single Chauffeur is something that will not only get Punjabi music fans excited but even rap fans with the amazing Grammy award winner Lanez featured in this song. The collaboration is courtesy of the amazing Canadian Sikh producer, Ikwinder Singh aka Ikky who is a hit making machine in the global Punjabi scene already while only in his early 20s. With such a fusion of amazing artists together this is expected to be one hell of a track.


From Dosanjh’s echo voice opening the track to dropping of the big fat Hip-Hop beat followed with Lanez’s rap, the start of the song is super impressive. The rap is very exciting with a lot of stylish oomph to it with a killer attitude. Lanez delivers it with a brilliant vocal with his deep voice with a flow that is worthy of a full volume, windows down drive. As powerful and impactful the start is, the chorus is subtle and mellow. Pouring up sodas sitting in the back with a chauffeur pretty much sums up the high class roll that song represents. Top with the next two stanzas of Punjabi delivered by Dosanjh and the song takes a new height in its bling factor. The Punjabi lyrics by Jangdip Singh Dhillon are pretty sick. The use of think Punjabi is rudimental to creating a strong impression here while being difficult to understand for the Bollywood Punjabi loving masses. But the high rolling but grounded message in nicely delivered with a flow that matches or rather even beats the flow of the English rap. Dosanjh’s delivery of these Punjabi lyrics is even sicker! He not only has a strong personality to be but even the range is pretty amazing for a rap song where vocal delivery typically follows a consistent range generally. He handles the ups and downs along with an impactful drops in each stanza matched to the big beats for an elevated listening experience. The composition is super impressive and of mainstream standard. The music is not just a fat beat but there are tons of flute and vocal samples in the background. The overall experience that this song offers is pretty high rolling and puts Ikky and Dosanjh in the top international league. This song is taking Punjabi-Hop to the next level. Super impressive! Rating – 4.5/5


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.