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Shruti Haasan is a multi-talented lady – who has a thriving musical career alongside her acting career. She’s due to star in a number of interesting projects coming up too. caught up with the actress-singer recently.

You’ve had quite a musical journey. Has music been a solace to you during these tough months of the pandemic?
Music has been more than a solace. It’s been my cantering force – it’s connects me back to myself and those things above and around me in a magical way so even before the pandemic. I have had a deep connection to expressing musically and now of course it’s a whole different energy.

How would you personally describe your style musically or your particular genres of interest?
I would say I’m an alternative singer-songwriter with varied influences in sound and culture. My sound production is influenced by cinematic music for sure but I always sit at the piano with the words and music first as and I always have.

Have you been shooting for any of your projects during the pandemic (aside from ‘Salaar’) and how have you found the experience?
I’ve been shooting for my Amazon series and Salaar and other projects. It’s been daunting as health is always on my mind and I tend to notice those who aren’t as diligent with safety yet. I also focus on my performance and character so it’s quite a balancing act on my brain, to be honest.

You’re due to star in an Amazon Prime web-series – is there anything you can reveal about that?
There’s not much I can say about the Amazon show right now except that I’m super excited for people to meet this new character.

You’ve been shooting with Prabhas for ‘Salaar’ which went on the floors in January 2021. What drew you to that particular project/character you play?
I love the approach and scale of Salaar and the team is fabulous that is what piqued my interest at first. As a character, she is layered and I’m excited to play her.

The most recent Hindi film you were seen in, ‘The Power’, saw you in a very powerful character as Pari who goes through a journey of her own. Are you partial to politically driven narratives, would you say?
Thank you! I enjoyed playing such a different character and, like you, said she was powerful. I was more drawn to the idea of this woman being driven completely by her feminine vulnerability and playing the part of the strongest woman in a truly male dominated world, almost becoming a man, whilst knowing her driving force is that she is a mother.

The last year has been tough for everyone around the globe. How have you kept yourself motivated during the down time you may have had – when there were lockdowns, restrictions, etc?
I have kept myself motivated by staying creative and staying in touch with people who love and care and staying focused on my growth because everything else is out of our control.

Have you introduced anything particular in your life in this time to promote good mental health and wellbeing?
I have always been a great advocate of mental health awareness and speak about it my own experiences. As someone who suffered with anxiety and found my way through talk therapy, I continue to use the tools I have learned through the work I have done on myself. This is a great time to discuss mental health openly and without stigma.

Lastly, have you been watching any films/web-series which have stood out for you in the last year?
I’ve watched a lot of stuff of all genres – I particularly loved the loudest voice , love death and robots which is a brilliant animated series , mare of east town and I have to admit I’m addicted to the real housewives of Beverly Hills. (Laughs) It helps to watch that kind of random stuff when things are quite heavy around us. thanks Shruti Haasan for speaking with us.