Shreya Ghoshal’s birthday: lesser known facts about the singer

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Shreya Ghoshal

Today marks the 31st birthday of the much-loved singer Shreya Ghoshal, often referred to as the ‘Melody Queen’. To celebrate this special occasion, a fan of Ghoshal’s got in touch with BizAsia with some snippets of information about her which many perhaps would not know.

Chiranjeet Laha first wanted to mention the different and unique vocabulary that Ghoshal is often heard speaking. This would have been there for the audiences to hear when Ghoshal was judging popular reality TV show ‘Indian Idol’ in 2013.

Ghoshal always loves to use her unique words and her fans have made a different dictionary with her unique words, for example: Biskoot, Kanphused, Zleep, Cuppa, Fraaandship, Bodyguardness, Wonly, Fasssht, Khepchurious, Goaaah, Naiice, Howlarious, Twired, Kaapi, Earthians, Phillum, Ispesal, Angelo.

Chiranjeet has shared he following facts about Ghoshal with BizAsia exclusively.

*Shreya loves the names that sounds lyrical.

*Her favourite number is 3.

*Shreya loves butter cookies.

*Shreya never performs on 31st December because most of the people enjoy drinking during new year’s celebrations and she doesn’t enjoy doing such performances.

*Shreya has performed in the closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2006, Melbourne.

*Shreya doesn�۪t like shopping while she is working.

*Shreya set her mobile ringtone to Bairi Piya after ‘Devdas’ (2012) released.

*9th March 2000 was her first sitting with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for recording Bairi Piya. She has recorded it at one go. This makes this year her 15th since her debut on the ‘Devdas’ soundtrack.

*Shreya’s first non-film album was ‘Tera Mera Pyar’ in 2004 in which she has sung four songs.

*Shreya has received most Filmfare Awards (including South Filmfare). She has 12 awards in total.

*Shreya was nominated for four songs in the International Indian Film Awards in 2008.

*Sherlock, Shreya’s dog, is her best birthday gift so far.

*Dark chocolate is Shreya’s favourite type of chocolate.

*Shreya doesn�۪t like sweets but she loves Rasmalai, Kheer Kadam & Mango Barfi.

*The song ��Urju Urju Durkut�۪ reminds Shreya of her childhood days.

*Shreya’s favourite toy in childhood was her ��Keyboard�۪

*Shreya’s favourite flowers are lillies.

*Once, Shreya’s father gifted her a Bunsen burner and chemical salts on her birthday when she was younger.

*Shreya’s favourite combination is brilliance & innocence.

*Shreya’s lyric book cover has a picture of Einstein.

*Shreya has got ���Litchi Tea�۝ from a tea house of Beijing.

*Shreya is scared of snakes but still she loves to watch them on TV.

*Holi is Shreya’s favourite festival.

*Shreya’s most treasured gift is a pendant that her brother bought from his saved pocket money.

*Shreya’s father was a student of Jadavpur University.

*M.M.Kreem is Shreya’s favourite human being amongst composers.

*Shreya is a fan of Dido.

*Shreya believes strongly in the ��Blink Theory�۪.

*Shreya loves the night full of aroma of Lavender. She is always dreaming about Lavender Farm.

*Shreya’s first TV appearance was in ‘Awaz Nayi Andaz Wohi’ on EL TV in 1995.

*Shreya’s best friend�۪s name is Kusum Rawat.

*Shreya believes that fear, inhibition and hatred are the three biggest evils in one�۪s life.

*Shreya started the ‘Act Of Love’ concept on the Valentine�۪s Day in 2012. It’s like a social support to those who really need it. Shreya’s family of fans, who call themselves SG Family, are doing ��Acts of Love�۪ regularly every year as a part of their lives to make poor people smile and be happy.

*Shreya doesn�۪t like the word ‘evening�۪.

*Shreya’s favourite ice-cream is Strawberry Cheesecake.

*Shreya’s favourite body butter is African spa shea butter salt scrub.

*Shreya believes humility is the most endearing quality about any person.

*Shreya hates decimal points.

*’Zara�۪ is Shreya’s favourite wardrobe brand.

*Shreya has sung a self-composed ‘Meera Bhajan’ in her school days around 1992-93.

*Shreya has sung for HIV awareness, a song titled ‘Haath Se Haath Mila’ which was a duet with Sonu Nigam in January 2006.

*Shreya has sung for children�۪s rights, a song called ‘Mera Bhi Toh Adhikaar Hai’ with other singers.

*Shreya has sung against rape after the Nirbhaya Case, a song titled ‘Paava Njaan Kali Paava Njaan’.

*Shreya has sung for International Women�۪s Day last year, a song called ‘Naa Hum Jo Kah De’, which was a duet with Udit Narayan.

*Shreya has sung the 2015 National Games Anthem with other well-known singers.

BizAsia would like to thank Chiranjeet for taking the time to contact us. We would also like to extend our best wishes to Shreya Ghoshal for her birthday today.