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Shilpa accused of racism in TV show

‘Big Brother’ winner Shilpa Shetty has been accused of being a racist in a TV show, which was broadcast in India.

The Daily Star paper reported that the Bollywood star has been blasted for starring in a comedy sketch that echoes the style of the ‘Black And White Minstrel Show’, axed in Britain in the 1978 amid a storm of protest.

She is seen laughing and joking as a TV presenter cavorts around with a blacked-up face and an Afro wig.

During the last series of ‘Big Brother’, Shilpa became victim of bullying and racial jibes were made by fellow housemates – Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O�۪Meara.

Black social commentator Jaye Williamson fumed: “Maybe Shetty is the racist ��� mocking Africans on her TV show? The outrage should be that people dare to cry racism on Shilpa�۪s behalf when she had the audacity to take part in a show that mocked Africans.”