Shayank Shukla elated on receiving praises for his performance in ‘Jaadugar’

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Actor Shayank Shukla who was seen in Jabriya Jodi, web show Sunflower and TV show Chandragupta Maurya is currently seen in film ‘Jaadugar’ featuring alongside Arushi Sharma, Javed Jaaferi and Jitendra Kumar which is streaming on Netflix. Helmed by director Sameer Saxena, it is written by Biswapati Sarkar.

Talking about the kind of responses he is receiving he states,”Many people whoever has seen it, found the character pole opposite to me in real which as an actor is an achievement for me, as I could melt into the skin of a character and perform well. Because whenever an actor tries to portray a life, all he/she wishes is that their role standout compare to their previous ones and their own self. I worked for 2-3 months to get into the character, I had to gain weight. An acquaintance of mine who is a writer told me a wonderful thing after watching the movie, he said, “you are an artist and you have a great skill of presenting the art. Whenever you came on the screen, it was irresistible to take my eyes off you even though it were a group scene.” The response is pretty awesome. I think the experiment I tried to do with this character was successful.”

Sharing about his working experience he says,”Well, it was a wonderful experience for me because I got the opportunity to perform with Jeetu, Javed Jaffrey sir and the other amazing actors. Biswapati Sarkar is the writer of this film, and I really liked the story and also had fun under his guidance. Director Sameer Saxena really has a very clear vision, he exactly knows what he wants with a particular scene. He really works on the minute things to make any scene much better.”

Talking about how he landed into the role he says,”As an actor, we always want to perform different roles from the previous one, so in this project I got a character which was new for me physically and emotionally. I got this film through an audition, where I’ve been tested for like 5-6 rounds and yeah finally I landed in to this project. I hadto gain weight and learn football for my character Hemu.”

Describing about how OTT has helped actors like him in terms of work he shares,”OTT is no less than any blessing I feel, because now so many doors (in terms of work) has opened for so many talents out there in every sense, not only for actors, but for musicians, directors, writers and many more departments. Also I feel everybody(audience) is actually evolving themselves with different platforms, whether it’s kids, youngsters, adults and there’s so many contents are available where everybody is enjoying according to their comfort. And I feel this is the reason where makers are making more and more content and actors like me are getting more and more opportunities to represent our talent.”