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Shay Kaur Grewal’s ‘The Perfect Sikh Wedding’ documentary to air on BBC Radio 4

Former reality TV star, turned media personality, Shay Kaur Grewal, will make her debut on BBC Radio 4 with documentary ‘The Perfect Sikh Wedding’.

Grewal, who shot to fame on Channel 4’s ‘The Family’ in 2009 and has since taken a number of national projects including work at various BBC radio and television channels.

The documentary, which is scheduled to air on Friday morning at 11:00 on BBC Radio 4, looks at the enormous amounts being spent on Sikh wedding. But for many couples, these lavish affairs could now be out of reach – not because of costs but because of growing cultural and religious tensions surrounding Sikh wedding ceremonies.

In ‘The Perfect Sikh Wedding’, Grewal takes listeners to the heart of the community to reveal what these dilemmas around marriage say about how second and third generation British Sikhs see their place in UK society.

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